Manage your entire roster in one place

A 360º view of your artists´ careers and an AI team to deal with all the heavy lifting



Be up to date with your artsts' social media, collective rights, bookings and save time and money with data-driven decision making


Make the most out of your roaster's data.
Past and present artists property cataloged and connected to the rest of the music business


Collect, organize and automate your artist's data with collective rights societies and manage it all from a single console


Don't loose track of your artists gigs.
Manage your artists' calender from your conole and have all contents at hand to send to clubs, contents at hand to send clubs, festivals, promoters, and media.


Save countless hours by having your artists' promotional materials ready to be sent to the relevant media.


We understand the true value of having a team. For your band, manager, and staff we created different clearance levels so they all can help you with your data management in a secure way.

Be part of the artists´ management future

“I’m really excited to see Faniak develop and launch. As an artist manager, there are many obstacles that we face on an almost daily basis - things that could be streamlined, systems that could be simplified, processes that could be speeded up - and Faniak seems intent on addressing those issues. We all understand how important data is in our work, but where once the problem was too little data, now sometimes it feels that the problem is there’s too much! How do we best make use of it? How do we organise it and ensure accuracy? Faniak are working to help us make sense of our data streams and could be instrumental in supporting managers and freeing up some of their time, so it can be spent on revenue generating activities, and supporting the artists they work so diligently for.”
Matt Errington, Artist Manager

Merrington Music Management